Corinthian Sites in Google Earth and Map

Yesterday I discussed a number of resources for viewing Corinthian territory from the air.  Some of the same resources also provide incredible views of the archaeological sites of the Corinthia.  This can be especially valuable if you want to view a site from a bird’s eye perspective.  It is possible to capture a photo of Corinth from an oblique angle from the lower slopes of Acrocorinth:


But contrast these views with Google Earth (via Google Map, in the case below). 


The same tools enable excellent views of the northern harbor Lechaion.


And likewise, images of the site of Isthmia otherwise impossible to capture. 


Compare with the best I could do from the nearby Rachi Ridge.


If you have Google Earth on your computer, you can download the useful .kmz file of 500 Ancient Greek Places with archaeological remains visible from the air.  And if you turn on the images layer in Google Earth, you can view photos that various users have associated with the particular sites.  Hundreds of images have been linked to different sites of the Corinthia.

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