A Week in the Life of Corinth

Jason Maston has a review at Dunelm Road on Ben Witherington’s recently published A Week in the Life of Corinth.  Haven’t yet read the book, but it is on my list.  Here’s a snippet of Maston’s short review:

“I managed to get a copy of Ben Witherington‘s new book A Week in the Life of Corinth(IVP, 2012). It is a novel (about 150 small pages) centred around the life of Nicanor, a former slave of Erastos. Basically Nicanor has secured his freedom and is now an up-and-coming businessman. The novel tells of his business adventures and his encounter with the new religion, ‘Christianity’….

Beyond the story itself, Witherington has managed to sneak in a large amount of history. One is introduced to the city of Corinth, key historical figures, what life was like for both the wealthy and the poor, how people travelled, and other things. Alongside what comes out in the story itself are short sidebars, ‘A Closer Look’, that provide explanations and historical details about things mentioned in the story.”

Read the rest of the review here

Bill Caraher on Lolos’ “Land of Sikyon”

In mid-March, Bill posted the working draft of a review of Yannis Lolos’ Land of Sikyon, a Hesperia Supplement volume published in 2011 (see sample PDF here). 

The “official” review went live today on the BMCR list.

Here’s the opening paragraph…read the full review here.

“Land of Sikyon is a handsomely produced and impeccably edited volume that includes a massive amount of new information on Sikyon produced over the course of a diachronic, extensive archaeological survey initiated by Yannis Lolos as part of his dissertation research and expanded in subsequent field seasons. Moreover, Lolos’s book provides valuable and extensive synthesis of past work in the region and a careful study of relevant ancient texts. This work is a groundbreaking study of this city and its countryside.”