Box of Isthmus

Corinthian Matters is officially in vacation mode as our site’s regular visitors participate in archaeological fieldwork and travel, sip frappes or lie on beaches, and generally take some vacation time. I myself am teaching an online history class, working on a new research project, spending time with the kids, and taking it a little easier. But don’t worry: I’ve got my eyes on new Corinthian scholarship andnews items (including that big story about the Return of the Kouroi), and will deliver relevant Corinthiaka starting early September.

But I couldn’t resist interrupting my summer blogging break with this picture of this box of isthmuses which landed at my house two weeks ago. Yes, The Isthmus of Corinth: Crossroads of the Mediterranean World has been officially published by University of Michigan Press. I’ll say more about this in coming weeks. You can order your hard cover version today for the low monograph price of only $85.