This section of the website is a (working) photo gazetteer of Corinthian sites. All of the photographs in this section were taken by me and are copyright © David K. Pettegrew, 2020. Permission is granted to copy these images freely for personal and educational use.  Contact me to inquire about commercial use or publication.


Ayios Dimitrios Ridge

Erastus Inscription


The following images are available for educational purposes and public presentation of research.  Sofia Loverdou maintains a YouTube site illustrating the damage with videos and a Facebook Page showing before and after pictures of damage to the diolkos from canal traffic since 1960.

Diolkos Photos and Videos

Photographs and videos of the diolkos are available in a number of places online:

  • On this site, visit the photo gallery and touring the diolkos for images and walking tours.
  • Diolkos for 1500 Years: an animated documentary short depicting the transport of a small 4th century BC merchant vessel over the ancient diolkos portageroad.  The film was initiated by the Society of Ancient Greek Technology, narrated and authored by Theodoios Tassios, produced by the Technical Chamber of Greece, and directed by T.P. Tassios, N. Mikas, and G. Polyzos.  It is available on YouTube in Greek in three parts (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), and in English in two segments (Part 1 and Part 2).  The entire film is available in Greek here.
  • Sofia Loverdou has collected videos and photographs of the changes in the physical condition of the diokos over the last 50 years.
  • Russ Wessley has put together several educational videos of the Corinthian Isthmus and Paul in Corinth.   “Part 1 – Introduction to Corinth″ includes an introduction (start to :54), overview of geography (:54-5:27), history overview (5:28-7:30), and Paul in Corinth overview (7:30-end); there is an animated History Channel clip of animals dragging ships over the isthmus beginning at 4:00.  Part 2 focuses on the diolkos and canal and includes a longer clip from the History Channel.




Villa of the “Pig Dog” (LOCA 9228)

Views from Acrocorinth