Finding the Diolkos

Finding the diolkos road can be challenging for anyone who has never visited the site. The road is visible only on the northern side of the isthmus near the Corinthian Gulf at the bridge that goes under water.  A long stretch of the road was also excavated in the Engineering Military Camp on the eastern side of the canal, but that part is fenced and inaccessible.  The road is visible here on Wikimapia.

To reach the stretch of the diolkos near the bridge, drive east along the coastal road from the center of New Corinth.  As you drive away from the town center,  make a left turn before the road begins to climb uphill and follow the road along the coast.   If you drive up the hill, you have missed your turn.  Drive along the  coastal road until you reach the canal.  The diolkos will be visible before crossing the canal.  There is a sign to indicate its location.

The other way to reach the diolkos is from the east on the road to Loutraki.  The main route in to Loutraki from the old national road eventually becomse parallel with a road that runs along the coast.  When you see a sign for a bridge (γέφυρα or gephyra in Greek), make a left turn to get to the coastal road.  If you don’t see the sign for the bridge, turn left one one of the side streets as you approach Loutraki and then turn left again on the coastal road.  The diolkos will be visible after you have crossed the low bridge over the canal.