Good maps of the Corinthia are not always easy to find online. Google searches turn up plenty of tourist maps available from different tourism offices, but these are usually not the best for presentation and teaching. The following pages provide some convenient starting points for discovering maps of the Corinthia:

  • The American School of Classical Studies website offers a large collection maps and architectural drawings of Corinth and its immediate territory via this search.
  • The “maps” category at this site turns up blog posts about historical and modern maps.

Maps of the Corinthia

I also offer the following gallery of topographic maps of the Corinthia that I have created for different reasons. The gallery on this page offers maps freely available for educational purposes and public presentation of research. Maps labeled with “SRTM” make use of topographic data downloaded from the CIAT-CSI SRTM website. Please see this link for information about how these contours were created. If you would like to use any of these maps for publication, please contact me for appropriate citation.

Contours of Greece

At the bottom of this page you will find links to downloadable 20 m. and 100 m. contours for the Corinthia and central and southern Greece. The process of generating these contours were discussed through two posts:

The SRTM data used to generate these contours came from a digital elevation model downloaded from the CGIAR Consortium for Spatial Information website. According to their disclaimer about liability, distribution, and acknowledgement/citation, these contours are freely available for (non-commercial) educational and research purposes, but users should cite the data source for publications and reports, as follows:

Jarvis A., H.I. Reuter, A.  Nelson, E. Guevara, 2008, Hole-filled  seamless SRTM data V4, International  Centre for Tropical  Agriculture (CIAT), available  from”

The disclaimer requests that users cite this data in publication, especially, and link to the CIAT-CSI SRTM website (

Extent and Coverage

The images below display the extent of the contours made available here. The first shows  the extent of contour coverage for southern and central Greece, the second for the modern regional unit of the Corinthia (and western Attica), which includes the ancient territories of Corinth, Sikyon, Tenea, and Megara.



The ZIP files each contain a package 7 individual files that are needed for recognition by ArcGIS. Right click on the file and save to your computer.

Enjoy, but please remember to cite the CIAT-CSI  SRTM website for publication and presentation, and this page for acknowledgement of distribution.