John Zonaras version (12th Century)

John Zonaras, Epitome historiarum (lib. 13–18), Page 430 line 9.

“But indeed Saet, son of Abu Hafs ruling Crete, preparing another fleet, put Photius an energetic man in charge of it.  This man ravaged the coasts of the Aegean and the islands.    The fleet of the Romans went to meet him, of which the admiral was the droungarios of the fleet, the patrician Niketas Ooryphas reduced to ashes many of the enemy ships with liquid fire and those sailing in them, he killed many with the sword and more he drowned.  As many as escaped this varied danger, fleeing shamefully they were saved.  However being saved they were not content.

Preparing the pirate ships they were overrunning the Peloponnese and the islands there.  But again the droungarios of the fleet mentioned already was upon them.  For docking in the harbor of Kenchreai and having learned that the enemy boats were dwelling around Methone and Pylos and Patras, he quickly lead the triremes on dry ground across the Isthmus near Corinth.

He appeared to the enemies unaware.  And when they were amazed at the unexpected matter, he set fire to some of the pirate ships, and sunk them together with their men, and executing Photius, the one leading the enemies.  And so, in this way the Cretan fleet was destroyed.”

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