St. Paul’s Corinth (A Music Video)

I think Matt Malcolm may be the first to put together a music video on Corinth of Paul’s day.  As he notes in this blog,

I’ve just put together a short video, touching on a few highlights of 1 Corinthians, as illuminated by ancient locations and literature. It even includes a slightly saucy section, so be warned!

The video includes some nice shots from Acrocorinth and of the excavated urban center, but also incorporates images of sites and artifacts from Isthmia, Athens, and Nemea to contextualize problems in 1 Corinthians.  Nice work.

My recommendation for a Part 2: some footage of the economic bases of some of those divisions from the broader landscape: images of the canal, diolkos, and isthmus;  the bustling harbors; and the rural fields.

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