A few Corinthiaka that have come through Google updates over the last couple of weeks:

  • The Corinth Canal needs urgent work (from Athens News)
  • The “Diolkos for 1500 Years” video will be featured this week at the 12th International Meeting of Archaeological Films.  See this link for a summary.  The Hellenic Foundation for Culture notes that the film won awards at the 5th International Film Festival in Cyprus (2009) and the International Meeting of Archaeological Film of the Mediterranean Area, Athens (2010).
  • Matthew Malcolm at Cryptotheology has had a couple of interesting posts on 1 Corinthians recently, including drinking the Lord’s cup (1 Cor. 11:13-26) as subversive action, and an interesting interpretation of 1 Corinthians 15:6-8 as a reference to James, the brother of John.   The latter evoked quite a lot of feedback.
  • I have added a video and links page to the diolkos part of the site, a section on Corinthian saints with Codratus and Company, and maps of the Corinthia, including a 1 to 50k map.

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