New Excavation Season at Corinth now underway

The staff at the American School of Classical Studies Excavations at Corinth announce the beginning of their 2011 field season.   The short note from their website:

On April 4, the 2011 excavation season began in Ancient Corinth in the theater.  Regular members, Evelyn Adkins, Emilia Oddo, Reema Habib, Katie Lamberto, Andriy Fomin, and Tristan Barnes are participating in training led for part of the season by Charles K. Williams.  Nancy Bookidis (field assistant), Orestes Zervos (numismatics), David Scahill (architecture), Mark Hammond (field assistant), and Kathleen Slane (Roman pottery) are offering assistance.  Two more regular members, Bice Peuzzi and Amanda Reiterman, are working in the museum with Assistant director, Ioulia Tzonou-Herbst.


Visit the website for pictures of the first few days.  The excavations are taking place northwest of the theater.  Look for reports on this new program of fieldwork at the end of the year.



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