Corinth – Paul, People, and Politics

Macquarie University has posted a description and schedule for a conference on May 14 called “Corinth – Paul, People and Politics,” sponsored by the Society for the Study of Early Christianity.  The abstract for the conference:

In Paul’s letters to the Corinthians we see an early Christian society dealing with factionalism arising from varied interpretations of the Christian message. At the same time, Christianity was trying to define itself within the context of a cosmopolitan Roman city. Who were the main players in Corinth during Paul’s mission there? What role did politics play in the early Christian church?

The posted SSEC conference brochure (PDF) provides a program for the day that lists presentations on 1 and 2 Corinthians as well as Corinthian economy and culture. Since the lectures are of broad interest to Corinthian scholars, let us hope that someone will blog or report on the conference.

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