Corinthiaka (April 2011)

Probably about time to release the few Corinthiaka news and links that have accumulated through Google updates this month.  I’ll follow with an April publication / scholarship overview later in the week:

  • Matt Malcolm’s  Greek language exercises set in the Corinthian marketplace calls to mind simulation exercises that my colleague, Reta Finger, used to do with her classes on meals in Roman house churches.  Last I heard, Reta was working on a book on Corinthian house churches for today.
  • Hungary’s National Day celebrated at the Corinth Canal in honor of Bela Gerster and Istvan Turr, two Hungarian engineers behind the canal construction in the 1880s.   News items here and here
  • One Corinth talk scheduled for the upcoming International Congress of Byzantine Studies in Sophia, Bulgaria: Maria Leontsini and Angeliki Panopoulou, “Inside or outside the city of Corinth: the definition of confines (5th-15th c.)”
  • As predicted, 1 Corinthians 15 and Easter.  Here’s a selection of sermons and reflections on Easter and 1 Corinthians that range from the Catholic archbishop of Sydney to the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to a selection of pastors of different denominations in Tennessee and Virginia

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