Some various Corinthiaka have appeared in different blogs over the last month.

Diana Wright at Surprised by Time gives some attention to the death and estate of Nerio Acciaiuoli, the (late 14th century) Lord of Corinth.

Kostis Kourelis at Objects-Buildings-Situations discusses graffiti at the Lechaion basilica

From Matthew Malcolm at Cryptotheology:

Phillip Long at Reading Acts has been running a series on the problems in 1 and 2 Corinthians – lots of rumination from Bruce Winter’s After Paul Left Corinth:

Cavan Concannon, now at Duke University, has launched a new blog called Apostolic Bodies for a class on the Life and Letters of Paul.  Already some fun images of Paul preaching, including lego Athens!

And the winner for the best article title to appear in my Google Alerts this week: “Why John Piper doubts Muslims Having Jesus Dreams

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