Learning from Mistakes: Wasters at the Potters’ Quarter

More photos from the AIA for you.  Bice Peruzzi’s and Amanda Reiterman’s poster, “Learning from their Mistakes: Try-Pieces, Wasters, and Other Evidence for Ceramic Production from the Potters’ Quarter at Corinth,” wins Best Poster Runner-up.




  1. My mother, Agnes Newhall Stillwell, first excavated the Potters’ Quarter in the late 1920s. She and my father, with their children, my sister Theodora and me, spent 6 months in Old Corinth in 1948. She was working on unpublished material then in what was called “the perartima” if I remember right – a warehouse storing excavation material. I am delighted to see that her work is being carried on by a new generation of archaeologists.

  2. Dear Dr. Stillwell,
    Thank you very much for your kind words. Our project would not have been possible without your mother’s foresight and careful work. Because she saved so much of the material she excavated, it is possible for archaeologists like us to study it more than eighty years later and still make new findings.
    We would welcome the chance to hear more about your experiences as a youngster at Corinth. And we would also like to share our poster with you if you would like to see it. You can contact us at peruzzb@mail.uc.edu and amandareiterman7@gmail.com. We hope to hear from you!

    Very best,
    Bea and Amanda

  3. Thanks for your comments. If you ever want to post on your first-hand experiences in Corinth, I would be glad to provide the space.

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