Byzantine Corinth: 2011 Publications (and a note on relative frequency of Corinthiaka)

In originally separating the recent scholarship on Byzantine-Modern from the 2011  scholarship on Ancient Corinth, I had forgotten that the pickings were so few.  This is a rather sad list (in terms of quantity), and I will combine these three entries in the permanent page for 2011 archaeology and historical publications.

Byzantine or Early Modern Corinthia, anyone?  Looks like there’s plenty of room for additional research  here.

So, in lieu of a longer list, I’ll take this opportunity to tabulate the relative frequency of books and articles published in 2011 according to specific periods and subjects.  The following counts certain works twice if relevant to different periods / subjects.  Note again that these lists are probably incomplete, but the tabulations below are broadly representative of trends in publication of Corinthiaka:

Bronze Age: 2

Early Iron Age / Geometric: 1

Archaic-Hellenistic: 17

Early Roman: 13 (but see New Testament)

Late Roman: 7

Byzantine: 2

Early Modern: 1

New Testament: 1 Corinthians: 51

New Testament: 2 Corinthians: 23

New Testament: Pauline Corinth: 16

Patristic / Early Christian: 9

Gulf of Corinth: Geology, Environment, Earthquakes, and Miscellany: 24

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