Land of Sikyon published

I just heard the good news that Yannis Lolos’ Land of Sikyon: Archaeology and History of a Greek City-State has finally been published.  Lolos completed his dissertation study of the Sikyonia well over a decade ago and completed the monograph in 2005.  I read his dissertation back in the day and have been eagerly waiting for this publication to appear.  In my own work on the eastern Corinthia, I have benefited from his comprehensive survey of ancient settlements as well as his reconstruction of the road networks of the northeast Peloponnese.  Sikyon today is a muncipality in the western regional unit of the Corinthia, but it was in antiquity a distinct city-state.  The map from wikimedia commons shows the relative location of Sikyon to Corinth.

File:Korinth Isthmus de.png 

Andrew Reinhard, Director of Publications for the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, recently interviewed Lolos about his work.  Here is Reinhard’s opening note about the book:

“Ancient Sikyon, in the northeastern Peloponnese, was a major player on the Mediterranean stage, especially in the Archaic and Hellenistic periods. Yannis Lolos, in his new book, Land of Sikyon: Archaeology and History of a Greek City-State, presents the city of Sikyon and its surrounding landscape in a comprehensive study combining a discussion of the geological and historical background, the results of original research and many years of archaeological fieldwork. Drawing upon the limited excavations in Sikyonia, literary sources, and mostly his own extensive survey data, Lolos traces the history of the human presence in the territory of Sikyon from prehistory to the early modern period. Detailed maps plot the positions of many previously unknown roads, fortifications, and settlement sites.”

Read the full interview with Lolos here

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