A Corinthian Pyxis Podcast

At the start of a new semester at Messiah College, I have been looking for ways to make my lectures in the History of Western Civilization I a little more dynamic.  For example, I have spiced up old lectures about premodern economies by assigning all my students particular statuses (peasant, wealthy peasant, artisan, and elite) for the semester.  In lecturing earlier this week on hoplite warfare in the Archaic age, I made several of those wealthier peasants demonstrate a hoplite phalanx formation with some home-made weapons and panoply (too bad no photos).  I have also been incorporating short video clips of Greece like tours of tholos tombs.  These breaks from lecturing have made the classes a little more dynamic and interesting. 

In searching on the keywords “Archaic Greece,” I stumbled upon this Corinthian pyxis podcast below (in two parts).  The podcast is part of the SCARABsolutions Ancient Art Podcasts series founded and hosted by Lucas Livingston, an assistant director in the Museum Education Department at The Art Institute of Chicago.  These are interesting and polished clips which, in the words on the website,

Uncover the truths and unravel the mysteries of the civilizations that shaped our modern world. Each episode features detailed examinations of exemplary works from the Art Institute of Chicago and other notable collections in addition to broad themes and concepts of Ancient Mediterranean art and culture.

The Corinthian Pyxis podcast is a little over 11 minutes long in two parts.

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