Uncovering the Mosaic at Isthmia

After a busy spring that fed into a long archaeological field season near Larnaca, Cyprus, I have at last some time again to resume activities here at Corinthian Matters. My box has filled with interesting tidbits on books and publications, videos, news, and curiosities. And of course, some overdue Corinthian Scholarship lists. So, stay tuned.

We’ll start with a link to a fun video that Amy Dill kindly sent to me. A Michigan State University student who is working with Dr. Jon Frey created a time lapse video showing the annual ritual of uncovering the mosaic in the Roman Bath at Isthmia. The mosaic is covered at the end of each season for its protection from the elements, and uncovered for archaeological study and restoration work in the early summer.



  1. Aaargh! This is very interesting to me, but I can’t watch the video. Those bast%”!*#}<§s from the German GEMA made YouTube block the video because of the background music. Can the clip be seen anywhere else?

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