Corinthian Matters Ages

In early October, Corinthian Matters entered its third year of life, reaching and passing the life expectancy of a typical blog (judging from a google search, two years seems to be a good guess). The 87 new posts at this site in 2012—about one every four days—comprised only a fraction of the previous bumper year when I found time to write once every three days (n=135). Interestingly, though, this annual WordPress report indicates that the traffic at this site actually increased last year to 33,000 page views from the previous year’s 20,000, some confirmation that the site has a readership beyond the blog in the more stable content posted at the site through the different pages.

A little over a year ago, I dreamed a dream that this site might become a more collaborative tool for the communication of news, research, and reviews related to Corinthian history and archaeology. I have had a few very good contributions but found that most researchers are too busy to write, or too reserved to commit their ideas to digital ephemera. Fellow bloggers of Greece have their own sites to maintain. Given my own scarce resources in time, this site has always been of lower priority to other professional goals of completing research articles or book chapters, lectures, etc…

Nonetheless, the constant traffic to the site (despite the drop in the number of posts), along with various feedback I’ve received, are encouraging evidence that CM remains of use as a site to access recent news, current scholarship, and resources related to the Corinthia—as a filter to the noise of this information age. In 2013, I’ll continue to move forward in making this site a useful resource for the wide range of visitors who stumble upon it or follow by email subscription or social media. While I remain committed to the previous goals I established for this site, my object this year is to develop more of the stable content, including, among others, the modern library and an ancient testimonia page that links to texts online.

Thanks for visiting, and I wish you the best year. As always, I welcome suggestions for resource development and specific contributions: “corinthianmatters” at “”


  1. Thanks David- I enjoy the content you put up here and applaud the decision to continue and to establish more stable links too- always a challenge. Have a great 2013!

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