News from the American School of Classical Studies

Over the next few weeks, I will be updating the site with some of the news bits, stories, and blog pieces that posted in the last six months. All of the following will be old news to those who follow the Corinthian Studies facebook page or the news feed of the ASCSA webpage, but for those of you who missed these stories:


  1. Dear David,

    great that your blog is active again. I find it ver yinformative and I am looking forward many interesting posts in the future. You might be interested in the following paper that I came across:
    Minos-Minopoulos et al, 2013 – Preliminary Results of Investigations of Possible Ground Deformation Structures in the Early Christian Basilica, Ancient Lechaion Harbour, Corinth, Greece. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece, vol. XLVII 2013; Proceedings of the 13th International Congress, Chania, Sept. 2013.
    It’s free for download here:

    Click to access 1255_245_13thEGE.pdf

  2. Dear Christoph,

    Many thanks for the encouraging words, and for posting a link to this paper. I’ll give it some attention.


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