Stephen Miller Interview on Nemea

One of the big archaeology news items from last month was Stephen Miller’s letter to the general public regarding possible layoffs of Greek staff at the site and museum of Nemea. Miller noted in the letter that if contracts were not renewed these workers, the site would be in danger of closing. The possibility of closing and the letter made headlines last month when Kathimerini covered it in a September 28 article titled “Potential lay-offs at Nemea spark response from head archaeologist”. Some additional pieces from news outlets:

In a more recent interview with Margarita Pournara at Kathimerini, Miller explains his rationale for writing the letter, which leads gradually into a discussion of the site of Nemea, the Nemean lion, the discovery of the theater, and Miller’s work at Nemea over the last 40 years. 

Nemea_Zeus temple 1

Most of these links courtesy of David Meadows’ Explorator.

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