Excavations at Corinth 2013: Annual Report

The annual report of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens has recently been released. Plenty of Corinthiaka inside, including a report on the 2013 field season at Corinth, and wider work in the region. Here is a snippet:

“Excavations at Corinth during 2012–13 continued under the direction of Guy D.R. Sanders, with Ioulia Tzonou­ Herbst serving as Assistant Director and James Herbst as Architect.

Excavations again concentrated im­mediately south of the South Stoa, where early ­sixth­ century a.d. levels of distur­bance may be a consequence of the earth­quake of ca. 525 a.d. In another area, a small votive deposit of the fourth century b.c. included an Early Archaic iron object embellished with gold and silver. A third area provided valuable evidence of
eleventh­ century a.d. occupation.

In June, work on the conservation and consolidation of the Frankish Area south of the Corinth Museum continued with completion of the work on Unit 1, con­sisting of 14 architectural spaces covering an area of 825 m2. Conservation of the tile floors will be done at a later stage. Work also began on Unit 2, the monastic complex…”

Read the rest here (see pp. 8-10).

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