More (Corinthian) Perspective on the Greek Crisis

Corinthian Matters | A Resource for the Study of the Corinthia, Greece<!–

More local perspective from the Corinthia. This piece in today’s issue of The Irish Times considers the effects of the current uncertainties about the currency and economy on one of the farmers’ markets in New Corinth.

The amount of produce left on her stall by midday meant it was easy to understand why Piga Siachra wasn’t happy after a bad day’s trade at a farmers market in Corinth, a city about an hour from Athens.

“Today was terrible. Sales are down 50 per cent on last week alone. We saw all our usual customers but everyone is buying less,” said Siachra, a woman in her 70s who, as a widow, dresses in black as tradition in rural Greece.

Soon, she and Periklis Roukis, a neighbour who has been helping out in recent months, would have to pack up the honey melon, long and round courgettes, bunches of untopped carrots, herbs and various other vegetables – all certified organic – and return home….

You can read the rest here.

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