Corinthian Matters: A New Theme

After a long lull, Corinthians Matters is running actively again. It’s summer and I don’t have the pressures of an academic year. Plus, the completion of some long-standing research projects has provided a little more time to develop this site. To mark this new energy, I gave the site a new theme last week. I wanted simpler, more elegant, image-based. The Monet theme is easier on the eye and demands less of the viewer. It is also better for mobile users. The theme does less well with webpage hierarchy, however, so I plan to eliminate some of the stacked sub-pages and simplify the static content. I’m also currently devising secret plans to develop the gazetteer section of the website somewhere else beyond WordPress–even as the bibliographic library lives off site at Zotero.

Note that you can still access the Search feature, Categories, and the Archive via the three little dots in the upper right corner of the page (circled in red in the first image blow). Clicking there will open up the hidden categories, search  box, and other features of the site. Thanks for visiting.



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