Corinthian Scholarship, August 2015

About three dozen new Corinthiaka articles and books came to my notice over the last month. The complete list is included below, or you may browse a 30 page report that includes full abstracts (download this PDF). You may also wish to visit the Corinthian Studies Zotero Page and search a growing Zotero Library of 2,549 articles and books. The new entries are tagged according to master categories CSM_2015_August, .ARCHAEOLOGY AND HISTORY, .NEW TESTAMENT, and .RELIGION.

  • Amanze, James N., and Tino Shanduka. “Glossolalia: Divine Speech or Man-Made Language? A Psychological Analysis of the Gift of Speaking in Tongues in the Pentecostal Churches in Botswana.” Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae 41, no. 1 (2015): 3–19. 
  • Anastasakis, Panteleymon. The Church of Greece under Axis Occupation. Fordham University Press, 2014. 
  • Barfoed, Signe. “The Significant Few. Miniature Pottery from the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia.” World Archaeology 47, no. 1 (January 1, 2015): 170–88. doi:10.1080/00438243.2014.992077. 
  • Barnaby, Andrew. “‘The Botome of Goddes Secretes’: 1 Corinthians and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Renaissance Drama 43, no. 1 (March 1, 2015): 1–26. doi:10.1086/680467. 
  • Brummett, Palmira. Mapping the Ottomans: Sovereignty, Territory, and Identity in the Early Modern Mediterranean. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015. 
  • Coutsoumpos, Panayotis. Paul, Corinth, and the Roman Empire. Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2015. 
  • Dimakis, Nikolas. “Ancient Greek Deathscapes.” Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies 3, no. 1 (2015): 27–41. 
  • Gambash, Gil. Rome and Provincial Resistance. Routledge, 2015. 
  • Glazebrook, Allison. “Prostitution, Archaeology Of, Classical World.” In The International Encyclopedia of Human Sexuality. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2015. 
  • Graybehl, Heather. “The Production and Distribution of Hellenistic Ceramics from the Northeast Peloponnese at the Panhellenic Sanctuary at Nemea: A Petrographic Study.” Phd, University of Sheffield, 2015. 
  • Hadler, Hanna, Andreas Vött, Benjamin Koster, Margret Mathes-Schmidt, Torsten Mattern, Andreas Konstantin Ntageretzis, Klaus Reicherter, and Timo Willershäuser. “Multiple Late-Holocene Tsunami Landfall in the Eastern Gulf of Corinth Recorded in the Palaeotsunami Geo-Archive at Lechaion, Harbour of Ancient Corinth (Peloponnese, Greece).” Zeitschrift Für Geomorphologie, Supplementary Issues 57, no. 4 (December 1, 2013): 139–80. doi:10.1127/0372-8854/2013/S-00138. 
  • Hinojosa-Prieto, H.R., and K. Hinzen. “Seismic Velocity Model and near-Surface Geology at Mycenaean Tiryns, Argive Basin, Peloponnese, Greece.” Near Surface Geophysics 13, no. 2061 (March 17, 2015). doi:10.3997/1873-0604.2015002. 
  • Hionidis, Pandeleimon. “Civilized Observers in a Backward Land: British Travellers in Greece, 1832–1862.” In Cultural Tourism in a Digital Era, edited by Vicky Katsoni, 297–312. Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics. Springer International Publishing, 2015. 
  • Israelowich, Ido. Patients and Healers in the High Roman Empire. JHU Press, 2015. 
  • Joubert, Stephan J. “‘Walking the Talk’: Paul’s Authority in Motion in 2 Corinthians 10–13.” In Die Skriflig/In Luce Verbi 49, no. 2 (2015). doi:10.4102/ids.v49i2.1899. 
  • Kaplan, Leslie G. “‘“Writing Down the Country”: Travelers and the Emergence of the Archaeological Gaze.’” In Archaeology in Situ: Sites, Archaeology and Communities in Greece, edited by Anna Stroulia and Susan B. Sutton, 75–108. Plymouth: Lexington Books, 2010. 
  • Kaplan, Leslie Glickman. “‘A Good Considerable Country Town’:  Visions of a Greek Village in European Travel Narratives.” PhD Thesis, University of Pennsylvania, 2001. 
  • Kelly, Benjamin. “NOTICE. R. Waterfield Taken at the Flood. The Roman Conquest of Greece. Pp. Xxiv + 287, Ills, Maps. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. Cased, £20, US$27.95. ISBN: 978-0-19-965646-2.” The Classical Review FirstView (April 2015): 1–1. doi:10.1017/S0009840X15000025. 
  • Kimble, Jeremy M. That His Spirit May Be Saved. Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2015. 
  • Lepinski, Sarah. “Antike Malerei zwischen Lokalstil und Zeitstil. Akten des XI. Internationalen Kolloquiums der AIPMA 13.-17. September 2010 in Ephesos.” In A diachronic perspective of Roman paintings from ancient Corinth, Greece: Period styles and regional traditions, edited by Norbert Zimmerman, 468:185–92. Denkschriften der phil.-hist. Klasse. Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2015. 
  • Mavragani, Eleni. “Greek Museums and Tourists’ Perceptions: An Empirical Research.” Journal of the Knowledge Economy, August 11, 2015, 1–14. doi:10.1007/s13132-015-0283-2. 
  • McGowan, Andrew. “The Myth of the ‘Lord’s Supper’: Paul’s Eucharistic Terminology and Its Ancient Reception.” The Catholic Bible Quarterly 87, no. 3 (2015): 503–21. 
  • Minos – Minopoulos, Despina, Kosmas Pavlopoulos, George Apostolopoulos, Efthymis Lekkas, and Dale Dominey – Howes. “Liquefaction Features at an Archaeological Site: Investigations of Past Earthquake Events at the Early Christian Basilica, Ancient Lechaion Harbour, Corinth, Greece.” Tectonophysics. Accessed August 6, 2015. doi:10.1016/j.tecto.2015.07.010. 
  • Nicklas, Tobias, and Joseph Verheyden, eds. The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Apocrypha. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015. 
  • Papafotiou, E., and K. L. Katsifarakis. “Ecological Rainwater Management in Urban Areas. Preliminary Considerations for the City of Corinth, Greece.” Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia, Efficient irrigation management and its effects in urban and rural landscapes, 4 (2015): 383–91. doi:10.1016/j.aaspro.2015.03.043. 
  • Parkes, Stuart. “Review. The Church of Greece Under Axis Occupation.” Journal of Contemporary European Studies 0, no. 0 (August 7, 2015): 1–2. doi:10.1080/14782804.2015.1067443. 
  • Peppiatt, Lucy. Women and Worship at Corinth: Paul’s Rhetorical Arguments in 1 Corinthians. Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2015. 
  • Puglisi, Giovanni, Filippo Stanco, Germana Barone, and Paolo Mazzoleni. “Automatic Extraction of Petrographic Features from Pottery of Archaeological Interest.” J. Comput. Cult. Herit. 8, no. 3 (March 2015): 13:1–13:13. doi:10.1145/2700422. 
  • Ritter, Bradley. Judeans in the Greek Cities of the Roman Empire: Rights, Citizenship and Civil Discord. BRILL, 2015. 
  • Robbins, Vernon K., and Jonathan M. Potter. Jesus and Mary Reimagined in Early Christian Literature. SBL Press, 2015. 
  • Rogers, Trent Alan. “The Representation of God in First Corinthians 8-10: Understanding Paul in the Context of Wisdom, Philo, and Josephus.” PhD Thesis, Loyola University, 2015. 
  • Schellenberg, Ryan S. “The First Pauline Chronologist? Paul’s Itinerary in the Letters and in Acts.” Journal of Biblical Literature 134, no. 1 (March 1, 2015): 193–213. 
  • Strijdom, Johan. “Conservative and Liberal, Hierarchical and Egalitarian: Social-Political Uses of the Concept of ‘Home’ in Greco-Roman Antiquity and Early Christianity.” Phronimon 16, no. 1 (January 2015): 1–10. 
  • Twelftree, Graham H. “Paul’s Experience of the Miraculous.” Evangelical Quarterly 87, no. 3 (n.d.): 195–206. 
  • White, Adam. “Not in Lofty Speech or Media: A Reflection on Pentecostal Preaching in Light of 1 Cor 2:1–5.” Journal of Pentecostal Theology 24, no. 1 (March 28, 2015): 117–35. doi:10.1163/17455251-02401010. 
  • Wiseman, Emeritus Professor of Classics and Ancient History T. P., and T. P. Wiseman. The Roman Audience: Classical Literature As Social History. Oxford University Press, Incorporated, 2015.

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