The Irregular Train

I received an appreciative email earlier this week from a resident of a Corinthian village who had just discovered Corinthian Matters and was keen to learn more about the place where he resides (he even offered real-time information and photographs). His email and others like it always encourage me to continue sifting through the chaff of Corinthian ephemera day after day to find the occasional nugget of interesting news and scholarship. I consider this site mainly a service for those interested in Corinthian studies that runs like an irregular train. Corinthian Matters is not my top priority in life or work, but it ranks in the top ten things I feel I should be doing in the time I devote to scholarship.

This image below showing my 2015 Posting Patterns says it all. The site bursts to life during breaks and abruptly halts once the academic semester and the teaching season starts, and pressing publication deadlines or grant applications or archaeology projects crowd in. Still, I’m happy to see that the site has generated a constant 30,000 visits or views over the last few year despite the irregular activities. This is small potatoes, I know, but the site gets more attention than my long-labored articles.CMPostingPatterns

The good news is that I have a significantly lighter schedule this semester and a backlog of interesting material to push out. I’ll see if I can get this train running a little more frequently (no promises).

As always, I’m looking for new books, articles, blogs, and stories. If you have them, send my way. And if you’re interested in being an occasional or regular contributor, I’d be glad to hear it.


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