Open Access and the Centre for Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies

The Centre for Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies at the University of Nottingham was founded in 2005 to generate dialogue about all aspects of Peloponnesian and Spartan history from prehistory to the modern age and strengthen connections with scholars within the U.K. and abroad. The Centre hosts visiting faculty, seminars, and conferences. In case you missed the notice in the Ancient World Online, the Centre also recently launched this open access page  to release new scholarship, especially peer-reviewed papers delivered at its conferences. Open access issues include, thus far, eight chapters from a 2007 conference on Being Peloponnesian, 43 essays from a 2009 conference on Honouring the Dead in the Peloponnese, and Christos Matzanas’ Burial Customs and Practices in the Ancient Coastal Cemetery at Savalia, Elis (2013). A new conference next month, which will hopefully end in publication, is devoted to the theme of luxury and wealth in the archaic to Hellenistic Peloponnese — and yes, I saw two papers that will directly discuss Corinth topics. Check it out.


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