Intro to Corinth Educational Video (with diolkos)

Thanks to Will Rutherford who pointed me to this Intro to Corinth educational video created by St. Paul enthusiast Russ Wessley to set the scene for St. Paul in Corinth.

The video called “Introduction to Corinth – Part 1” is the first of a series designed to establish the relationship of Paul to Corinth.  The video includes an introduction (start to :54), overview of geography (:54-5:27), history overview (5:28-7:30), and Paul in Corinth overview (7:30-end).

The video is basic but useful for showing the principal conception of the commercial facility of the isthmus.  It also contains some good satellite images and video clips including a fun clip from the History channel of men and animals transporting ships over the diolkos in a light-paced jog! (starting at 4:00).  Can anyone identify the specific History Channel video?

One inaccuracy in the video: Corinth is not “on the wrong side of the line” as he notes in 4:03.

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  1. Unfortunately, the excavated part of Diolkos has been crumbling into the Canal since it has been left without protection since the time of its excavation (second half of the 1950s)… Please visit my Youtube page ( to see short videos of present time situation and links to more information, including a petition for Diolkos’ salvation, already signed by people from 116 countries…
    Sofia Loverdou – Freelance science journalist, Athens, Greece

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