Whirlwind on the Isthmus

My four days in the Corinthia passed much too quickly for my liking.

Day 1: Arrive at the Isthmus and introduce students to the delicious fastfood Goody’s chain; view the canal from the old national highway bridge; race to the top of Acrocorinth before the site closed (now 3 PM, no longer 7); visit Kenchreai and muse for 10 minutes about Paul’s haircut; check in hotel(s); dinner at the Gemelos Taverna where I ran into Dr. Scott Nash and group.


Anyone who has been to Greece has a photo like this.


But probably not like this.  The monument erected in 2009  commemorates the Hungarians István Türr (1825-1908) and Béla Gerster (1850 1923) “who planned, organised and directed the construction of the Corinth Canal, a masterpiece of 19th century engineering.”


What I wouldn’t do to get this picture on a clear day.

Crossing the Isthmus

Messiah College students crossing the Isthmus (view from the peak of Acrocorinth)

Western Plain

Ancient Corinth (to right) and part of the western coastal plain on May 30, 2011.

Day 2: Visit Mycenae with class, where Dr. Abaz Kreymadhi gave us a physics lesson on the behavior of sound waves (at least that’s what he told us when we were talking to the wall) and I remembered how much I had forgotten about the world of Agamenon); visit Nafplio for an excuse to have the best gelato in the world (I had not forgotten how good that gelato was); visit archaeological museum while students beached and climbed the Palamidi; dinner at the Gemelos Taverna where I ran into Dallas Deforest and Chris Cloke and Mark Hammond

IMG_2359 IMG_2351

Day 3: Students day to explore Corinth gave me time to tour the diolkos and canal with Sophia Loverdou.  More on this over the next few days.

Day 4: Students’ day to explore the Corinthia and Argolid.  Return to the diolkos for photo shoot; visit Isthmia where I ran into Tim Gregory, Tom Tartaron, Amy Dill.

Day 5: Off to Athens.  Until the next time.

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