More Eastern Korinthia Survey Photos: Kromna and Rhyto

I continue to upload scanned slides from the Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey.  Today’s installments include

Thanks to Cindi Tomes of Messiah College’s Faculty Services for scanning these.


Eroded Roman tomb at Kromna.


Olive press equipment, probably LR in date


Ritual dining room in Kromna quarries.


Late Hellenistic-Early Roman olive press basin.

The site of Kromna bore remains from the Geometric to the Late Roman period and has been the subject of recent discussion and debate.  Was this a settlement, industrial area, sanctuary, cemetery or all of the above??  EKAS teams spent a great deal of time documenting the remains in detail to find out.  For discussion, see:

  • Caraher, W. R., D. Nakassis, and D. K. Pettegrew, “Siteless Survey and Intensive Data Collection in an Artifact-Rich Environment:  Case Studies from the Eastern Corinthia, Greece,” Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology19.1 (2006), 7-43.
  • Tartaron, Thomas F., Timothy E. Gregory, Daniel J. Pullen, Jay S. Noller, Richard M. Rothaus, Joseph L. Rife, Lita Diacopoulos, Robert L. Schon, William Caraher, David Pettegrew, Dimitri Nakassis, “The Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey: Integrated Methods for a Dynamic Landscape,” in Hesperia 75.4 (2006), 453-523 [PDF Offprint posted here]


  1. And for more on the olive press, there’s a poster by Sarah A. James, “An Olive Press Installation from the Eastern Korinthia.” AIA Annual Meeting: Boston January 6-9, 2005. A PDF of the poster is available here:

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