Bibliography of the Kenchreai Cemetery Project

Since Monday’s post about the work of the Kenchreai Cemetery and Excavation Project, I heard from Dr. Joseph Rife, who kindly sent me a bibliography of the project’s publications. 


Photo of Kenchreai harbor, the Koutsongila ridge, and Saronic coastline from Stanatopi

The work of the project has appeared in three dozen presentations at various universities, colleges, and organization meetings; in short annual summaries since 2002 (Archaeological Reports and Bulletin de correspondance hellénique), and in ten articles (with a half dozen more forthcoming):

  • D.H. Ubelaker and J.L. Rife, “Skeletal analysis and mortuary practice in an Early Roman chamber tomb at Kenchreai, Greece,” in International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 21.1 (2011) 1-18 (published on-line 2009).
  • J.L. Rife, “Religion and society at Roman Kenchreai,” in S.J. Friesen, D.N. Schowalter, and J.C. Walters (eds.), Corinth in Context: Comparative Studies in Religion and Society, Leiden 2010, 391-432.
  • D.H. Ubelaker and J.L. Rife, “Approaches to commingling issues in archaeological samples: A case study from Roman era tombs in Greece,” in B.J. Adams and J. E. Byrd (eds), Recovery, Analysis and Identification of Commingled Human Remains, Totowa, N.J. 2008, 97-122.
  • D.H. Ubelaker and J.L. Rife, “The practice of cremation in the Roman-era cemetery at Kenchreai, Greece: the perspective from archaeology and forensic science,” in Bioarchaeology of the Near East 1 (2007), 35-57.
  • A. Barbet, J.L. Rife and F. Monier, “Un Tombeau peint de la nécropole de Cenchrées-Kenchreai, près de Corinthe.” In C. Guiral Pelegrín (ed.), Circulación de temas y sistemas decorativos en la pintura mural antigua: Actas del IX Congreso Internacional de la «Association Internationale pour la Peinture Murale Antique,» Calatayud 2007, 395-399.
  • J.L. Rife, “Inhumation and cremation at Early Roman Kenchreai (Corinthia), Greece, in local and regional context,” in A. Faber, P. Fasold, M. Struck, and M. Witteyer (eds.), Körpergräber des 1.-3. Jh. in der römischen Welt: Internationales Kolloquium Frankfurt am Main 19.–20. November 2004, Frankfurt 2007, 99-120.
  • C.A. Faraone and J.L. Rife, “A Greek curse against a thief from the North Cemetery at Roman Kenchreai,” in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik 160 (2007), 141-157.
  • J.L. Rife, M.M. Morison, A. Barbet, R.K. Dunn, D.H. Ubelaker, and F. Monier, “Life and death at a port in Roman Greece: The Kenchreai Cemetery Project 2002-2006,” Hesperia 76.1 (2007), 143-181.
  • A. Sarris, R.K. Dunn, J.L. Rife, N. Papadopoulos, E. Kokkinou, and C. Mundigler, “Geological and geophysical investigations in the Roman cemetery at Kenchreai (Korinthia), Greece,” Archaeological Prospection 14 (2007), 1-23. 


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