SUPing the Corinth Canal

This clip on the “newest sport of SUP” was the most interesting new canal water sport video to appear in my Google Alerts this week.  (I get more than one might expect).  It must have been Strabo who said “The width of the Isthmus at the “Diolkos,” where the people paddle from one sea to the other, is forty stadia, as I have already said.”  Or, wait, maybe that was a reference to the movement of ships overland.  In any case, this looks like hard work, but not, of course, as hard as dragging a ship…

As usual, the history of the canal has been tacked onto the end of the video and the story.  Some late 19th century photos of the canal also come at the end of the video.  The story on the event available here.  And if you don’t know SUPing, here’s the wikipedia article.

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