Corinthian Scholarship (October)

Bronze Age



New Testament

Geology, Geomorphology, and Environment in the Corinthia and Gulf of Corinth

  • Panayotis Papadimitriou, George Kaviris, Andreas Karakonstantis & Kostas Makropoulos, “The Cornet seismological network: 10 years of operation, recorded seismicity and significant applications” in Hellenic Journal of Geoscience
  • C. Grützner, T. Fernández Steeger, I. Papanikolaou, K. Reicherter, P.G. Silva, R. Pérez-López, and A. Vött (editors), Earthquake Geology and Archaeology: Science, Society and Critical Facilities, Athens 2011.  These short articles feature the research presented in late September at the Second International Workshop on Active Tectonics, Earthquake Geology, Archaeology and Engineering 19th-24th September 2011.  Articles that may be of interest to readers interested in the ancient Corinthia and Gulf of Corinth:
    • Gielisch, Hartwig, “Acrocorinth – Geological History and the Influence of Paleoseismic Events to Recent Archaeological Research,” pp. 57-59.
    • Hadler, Hanna, Andreas Vött, Benjamin Koster, Margret Mathes-Schmidt, Torsten Mattern, Konstantin Ntageretzis, Klaus Reicherter, Dimitris Sakellariou, Timo Willershäuser, “Lechaion, the Ancient Harbour of Corinth (Peloponnese, Greece) destroyed by Tsunamigenic Impact,” pp. 70-73. 
    • Koster, Benjamin, Klaus Reicherter, Andreas Vött, Christoph Grützner, “The Evidence of Tsunamigenic Deposits in the Gulf of Corinth (Greece) with Geophysical Methods for Spatial Distribution,” pp. 107-110.
    • Nomikou, P., M. Alexandri, V. Lykousis, D. Sakellariou, and D. Ballas, “Swath Bathymetry and Morphological Slope Analysis of the Corinth Gulf,” pp. 155-158.
    • Papanikolaοu, Ioannis D., Maria Triantaphyllou, Aggelos Pallikarakis, and Georgios Migiros, “Active Faulting towards the Eastern Tip of the Corinth Canal: Studied through Surface Observations, Borehold Data and Paleoenvironmental Interpretations,” pp. 182-185.
    • Sakellariou, Dimitris, Lykousis Vasilis, and Rousakis Grigoris, “Holocene Seafloor Faulting in the Gulf of Corinth: The Potential for Underwater Paleoseismology,” pp. 218-221.
    • Valkaniotis, Sotiris, George Papathanassiou, and Spyros Pavlides, “Active Faulting and Earthquake-Induced Slope Failures in Archaeological Sites: Case Study of Delphi, Greece,” pp. 255-258. Also available here.
    • Vött, Andreas, Peter Fischer, Hanna Hadler, Mathias Handl, Franziska Lang, Konstantin Ntageretzis, and T. Willershäuser, “Sedimentary Burial of Ancient Olympia (Peloponnese, Greece) by High-Energy Flood Deposits – the Olympia Tsunami Hypothesis,” pp. 259-262.
    • Wiatr, Thomas, Klaus Reicherter, Ioannis D. Papanikolaοu,  & Tomás Fernández-Steeger, “The Discontinuity of a Continuous Fault: Delphi (Greece),” pp. 276-279.

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