Deltion of the Christian Archaeological Society

Byzantinists were stunned last week by the announcement that the Christian Archaeological Society had launched a digital version of its journal Deltion of the Christian Archaeological Society, with some open access materialThe announcement from the journal’s website:

The Christian Archaeological Society (ChAE) is pleased to announce the launch of the online edition of the Deltion of the Christian Archaeological Society (Deltion). The developments in research and scholarly communication have led to the decision to publish an online edition of the Deltion alongside the print edition, which began in 1892. The online edition facilitates access to the content of the Deltion for scholars and the wider public. The electronic publication of the journal is carried out in collaboration with the National Documentation Centre (EKT)

The Deltion offers open access to content with a five year moving wall. In a significant digitization project, ChAE and EKT gradually digitize and will make available all the back issues of the Deltion online. A significant number of back issues is already accessible online, while in the spring of 2012 all back issues of the Deltion (1892- 2011) will be available. Institutional and private subscription to the current and the four preceding volumes of the Deltion will be soon enabled through the website of the journal by means of the PayPal service. Registration (without a fee) is required for access to the back issues of the journal that are available in open access (menu>register).

The Deltion invites original scientific articles on Byzantine and post-Byzantine art and archaeology written in the main European languages (Greek, English, French, German, Italian). The ChAE aims at preserving the tradition of high quality scholarship while employing new technologies in scholarly communication.

For those interested in scholarly articles on churches and wall paintings (among others) of Early Christian, Byzantine, and post-Byzantine date, this is a great new digital resource.

In browsing the titles of issues now online, I noticed a few issues containing articles related to the broad Corinthia region:

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