Corinthian Studies: A New Facebook Group

Corinth groups are nothing new on Facebook.  Back in August 2007, when FB was only three years old and there were only 30 million users, a Korinthos group was launched as a meeting place for anyone with interest in Corinth.  The following February, OSU Excavations at Isthmia launched their own group.  And in 2010, a Visit Corinthia group (mainly Greek) emerged dedicated to sharing photos and videos of the modern region.  If I recall, there were others as well that have since phased out.

With the exception of Visit Corinthia, these groups were founded on the old static group model, which means that posts made on the wall do not appear in members’ feeds.  Meanwhile, the FB network has grown, the social media site reports, to 845 million members. 

I launched a new Facebook Group called Corinthian Studies over the weekend to create a space for sharing information on all aspects of Corinthian studies today.  This group will probably be as ephemeral as former groups, but it should serve some purpose in the meantime.  I have been especially impressed with the 70+ members of the Medieval and Post-Medieval Archaeology group who are sharing digitized texts, media, journals, videos, and the like on a day to day basis.  The pace of large-scale digitization continues to increase, and it’s hard for anyone to stay on top of it all.

I have created an RSS feed from this blog, as well as the news feed of the American School’s excavations at Corinth page.  I can create RSS feeds for other Corinthia-related news feeds as those develop.  And I may gather the most interesting materials from the FB page for reposting here to create a searchable archive online. 

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