Build a Corinth Library for (Almost) Nothing

Anyone who has purchased excavation volumes for a personal library knows how expensive they can be. I was proud of myself last year for finding used copies of some of the Corinth and Isthmia series (American School of Classical Studies at Athens) for under $20.

Corinth XVIII, ii

Hence my surprise yesterday when I saw that for a limited time, David Brown Book Company is departing with volumes of these series for the incredible cost of $5! That’s right, $5, folks, for monographs in the Corinth and Isthmia series, Hesperia Supplements, and Athenian Agora volumes. I saw some books marked down from $150 to $5. And the little picture booklets for the Athenian Agora and for Corinth are going for only a buck. Sale runs between now and Saturday. Get ‘em while you can.

I include below a list of the various Corinthia books for sale. For the full list of books for the Corinthia and elsewhere in Greece, go to this link





  1. Agreed! Still cheaper than the used volumes I purchased last year which showed the wear of frequent use. One Isthmia volume even came with the name “Steve Miller” in the front.

  2. Thank you for this hint! For those in Europe: You can find the mentioned books with comparable discounts on the website of Oxbow Books UK, too.

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