Corinthian Studies, Zotero, and THATCamp Harrisburg

About a year ago, we announced the launch of the Corinthian Studies Library in Zotero. The first version of the library, which can be downloaded as an RIS file at this page, can be imported into a number of bibliographic programs like EndNote or Zotero. Or, you can view the collection online at Zotero’s server. The collection contains about 1,600 items related to the historical study of the Corinthia.

This fall, I am working with Megan Piette, a history student at Messiah College, to develop version 2. The second version will be more comprehensive, contain more abstracts, and better keywords. We’re working especially on improving the New Testament section of the library by keying entries from recent commentaries and edited collections by New Testament scholars. We hope to have that out later this fall or during the winter.

There are two other Zotero collections that will also go live this year and form additional components of the Corinthian Studies Library. One is a collection of historical texts related to the study of and travel to the Corinthia from the 12th to early 20th century. It contains a number of the usual suspects of early travelers, like Spon and Wheler, Chandler, Leake, Clarke etc…

The other is a massive collection of ancient citations to the Corinthia. I noted the collection here and promised to do some posts about how I created the library. Later this week I plan to run some posts about this collection and release a small portion of the library: English translations of Greek and Latin texts related to Roman Corinth and the Corinthian Isthmus. In later fall and winter, we’ll release more of these texts.

My prompt for putting this all together is a Humanities and Technology Camp at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology this Friday and Saturday. THATCamp Harrisburg will bring together digital humanities folk from a number of neighboring colleges and universities. I will team up with Beth Transue, Associate Librarian/Collection Development Coordinator at Messiah College, on a workshop titled “Creating a Comprehensive Public Research Library in Zotero.”

If you’re in driving distance, join us at THATCamp Harrisburg.

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