Pleiades Retooled

Last month I noted that the Pleiades Gazetteer received a major digital humanities implementation grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to make substantive changes to the project’s infrastructure. Tom Elliot has written a little more about how the grant will extend and improve the project’s functionality. Here’s the relevant section from the press release:

Over the next three years, ISAW will use these funds to retool the software that now underpins Pleiades to provide consistently faster performance, to make it easy to use with tablet and mobile devices, and to accelerate  and enable support for the broader ancient and early medieval worlds. Additional enhancements will make it easier for us to expand Pleiades content in a manner consistent with ISAW’s connective and comparative mission: extending cultural and geographic coverage to the Ancient Near East and Central Asia and temporal coverage through the Byzantine and Early Islamic Empires. The software upgrades will build on existing collaborations with the Pelagios network and the Duke Collaboratory for Classics Computing. Data sharing agreements with The Syriac Gazetteeral-Thurayyā GazetteerThe Early Islamic Empire at Work project, and other partners will reinforce and multiply the content creation work of the volunteer community of scholars, students, and enthusiasts who publish their geographic scholarship through Pleiades.Pleiades Coverage

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