More on the Lechaion Harbour Project

The news site Haaretz ran a story last week about the Lechaion Harbour Project that circulated through the news networks. I didn’t see too much in the story that was new or different than the press release that went global in late December (which we covered here). In reading the Haaretz piece, though, I discovered this little article published at the Carlsberg Foundation website: “Danish Archaeologists behind Sensational Discovery in Greece.” The piece discusses Bjørn Lovén’s discovery of the caissons, as well as the future of the project. Loven notes: “With the finding of such well-preserved wood, we have great expectations to make further discoveries. Both in the inner harbor and in the outer harbor, we hope to find underwater remnants of buildings, equipment, furniture, ship parts and other organic material from the Greek and Roman period.” The investigations will continue for two more years. Check out the article here.


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