Corinthian Matters in Corinth

Next week I’ll be coming to Ancient Corinth for a week of study and research about which I’ll write more soon. I’ll be bringing 9 Messiah College history students as part of a course called “The History and Archaeology of Greece and Cyprus.” The class is designed to introduce history students to the history and culture of two very different Greek countries, and teach the value of employing archaeological methods for historical reconstructions. After our time in Corinth, we will head to Larnaca, Cyprus, to complete our final season of studying the excavated finds from the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project.

If you’re in the Corinthia between May 16 and 21 and are interested in discussing matters of interest related to Corinthiaka, drop me a line: dpettegrew at I had some great conversations last year about tourism in the region, which I’d love to follow up on.

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