Kouroi arrive in Corinth

When I was in Corinth in early June, a news item going around the village was the imminent arrival of Archaic-period kouroi to the archaeological museum at Corinth.  The statues, depicted in the images below (from Greek Reporter and Athens News), were found in Klenies (see map below), a village of the southern Corinthia near ancient Tenea.  Dug up by antiquities dealers, who were trying to sell them for 10 million Euros apiece, they were confiscated by police last October and arrived last week in Ancient Corinth where they will be on display. The Greek Archaeological Service has since conducted excavations at the Archaic and Classical period cemetery in which they were found.

Brief news stories:

Thanks to Kostis Kourelis for alerting me on the Kathimerini story.


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