Sites of the Eastern Korinthia Survey

I have uploaded more scans of slides form the Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey.  These images show areas and sites documented by EKAS between 1999 and 2003.  Some of these, like the quarries, Kromna, and Perdhikaria, were known archaeological sites, and our work documented a new range of activities in the area.  Others like various Roman-Byzantine villas were completely unknown before survey.

I created pages according to sites and will post additional pages later in the week.  I should also be able to add to these collections at a later date.

Thanks again to Cindi Tomes for scanning these slides!


Gun Emplacement 1

World War II Gun Emplacement on the Ayios Dimitrios Ridge


Ridge of Perdhikaria viewed from Kromna

Plowed Field_6

View north from Perdhikaria.  The plowed fields at the bottom of the image were the site of a substantial ornate building of Late Roman and Byzantine date, along with earlier phases.  This became known around the project as the “Plowed Field” Villa.

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