More Extreme Sports at the Isthmus

There is something fitting about staging extreme sports at the Isthmus today.  Perhaps it has something to do with ancient attempts to canalize the Isthmus, or drag ships over it, or build big fortification walls across it—all heroic and incredible feats.  Or perhaps it has something to do with the associations with the Pan-Hellenic festival at Isthmia and the landscape’s association with contest.  Or maybe the Corinth Canal is simply a good tourist attraction, gathering point, and natural place for exhibitions and crazy stunts.  Whatever the case, this popular experience of the Corinthia stands alongside all those St. Paul pilgrimage tours, and historical tours of sites of the ancient Corinthia.

In a previous post, I  noted the madness of bungee jumping from the canal bridge.  I had one friend who, when she saw that post appear on Facebook, claimed to have done the jump herself, and soon ended up pregnant with twins (I told you it was dangerous).

The Australian Robbie Maddison’s motorcycle leap through the air tops the bungee.  I discovered these videos about a year ago but they continue to remain popular on the web.  This is an image you don’t see every day (reposted from

Two short videos of the jump.  Some nice footage of the canal.  Kids, don’t try this at home.  (And stay away from the Red Bull, which inevitably leads to such behaviors)

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