Coming Soon: The Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey Data

One of the projects I have been working on this summer is the publication and online presentation of the data sets of the Eastern Korinthia Archaeological Survey, an intensive archaeological survey of Corinth’s eastern territory carried out between 1997 and 2003.  The EKAS project has been a frequent point of discussion here at Corinthian Matters, of course. Although the project covered a relatively small area (ca. 4 sq km), and focused primarily on the Isthmus, the research team affiliated with EKAS has produced a significant record of presentation and publication over the last decade, and moved on to start subsequent projects at Kenchreai, the Southern Corinthia, the western Argolid, and Pyla-Koutsopetria in southeast Cyprus. The EKAS data has been a major focus of my own scholarly attention over the last decade and will be a main feature of the forthcoming Isthmus book.

The directors of EKAS, Timothy Gregory and Daniel Pullen, generously agreed last spring to release the project survey data via Open Context, a site that reviews, refines, curates, publishes, and shares archaeological research data. Open Context already hosts about 40 project data sets at its site, and the EKAS data will soon join more than a dozen forthcoming data sets. I am working now with friend and collaborator Bill Caraher to refine the data sets for public presentation and to create links between a range of different data types, including survey database tables, the material from finds database, images, and illustrations.

More soon as we move the data into the queue for Open Context.

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